Gold Label Hard Cider

Gold Label Hard Cider


Our Gold Label cider is a beautifully balanced, semi-dry and sparkling cider. It features gentle apple and toasty aromas and a crisp long finish. We make this cider in the champenoise method (how champagne is made) and rest it for two years on the lees before disgorging and adding a dosage. This is an extraordinary cider that uses only specially selected estate fruit from our orchard. Our most premium cider, it is made with love and care and plenty of time.

750ml 7.25% ABV

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Northen Spy, Gold Ruish, Braeburn, Greening, Newtown Pippin, Spitzenbur, Macintosh


Clams, Oysters, Cheese, Seafood, Cured Ham and Salami


Don't serve it too cold. It has complex, delicate aromas that show best when chilled, but not as cold as your refrigerator.