Red Label Hard Cider

Red Label Hard Cider


This is a bone dry and complex cider, bottle fermented and conditioned. It’s funky and slightly cloudy yet crisp. Because it is bottle conditioned, there are lees in the bottle and its character will evolve as it ages. At first, crisp apple skin notes will be prominent. Over time, gorganzola dolce and baked apple notes emerge. The nuances that unfold are part of what makes this such a special cider.

750ml 7.25% ABV

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Northen Spy, Gold Ruish, Braeburn, Greening, Newtown Pippin, Spitzenburg, Macintosh


Pairs like a sparkling wine. Perfect with fresh raw clams, oysters and seafood -- as well as cheese, cured ham and salami.


Serve in a wine glass to enjoy the aroma and get the full impact of the bouquet.