Ten66 NY Pommeau

Ten66 NY Pommeau


Orchard Hill Ten66 is inspired by the pommeau typical in Normandy, France and is named for the Year of the Norman invasion of England (1066). This still, sweet pommeau is made with apple brandy that is aged in french wine oak barrel and blended with fresh juice from our own sustainably grown apples. We age this special pommeau for a minimum of 3 years in barrels. The aging process infuses delicious notes of vanilla, baked apple, and butterscotch.

750ml 20% ABV

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Northen Spy, Gold Ruish, Braeburn, Greening, Newtown Pippin, Spitzenburg, Macintosh


Brings out the best in rich foods, like chocolate, artisanal cheese and baked fruit desserts.


This intense and rich pommeau deserves a slow sip. Try it as an aperitif or an after dinner digestif. It also mixes beautifully in cocktails. And don't be afraid to shoot it alongside your favorite cider.